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July 2, 2008: Callin' All Booty!

Forsooth, me hearties! Wait, I think I messed up the accent. Let me try again.

How y'all doin', landlubbers? Wait, wait . . . okay, wait . . .

Oh, yah, yo ho ho, donchaknow?

Oh, just forget it. I'm never gonna get this right. But you! You fine folks know how to get the pirate groove thing going. You're well versed in the swashing of buckles, the lockering of Davy Joneses, and the imbibing of copious bottles of distilled molasses. You, unlike my terminally ninja-oriented self, are ready, willing, and quite possibly even eager for a little something we like to call Munchkin Booty.

Well, sword-swinging ladies and hatch-battoning gentlemen, I'm pleased to announce that you can now preorder Munchkin Booty from the world's favorite not-at-all-local-but-nonetheless-friendly game store Warehouse 23. So go ye forth, and prove that you, unlike I, are cool and have good taste and are a suitable candidate for mating prospects! It awaits on the other side of that most hyper of links in yon paragraph above.

-- Fox Barrett

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