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July 8, 2013: More New Faces In The Munchkin Office

This announcement is WAY overdue, but as usual, things around here have moved too fast for us to keep up.

Leonard Balsera has leveled up in Fnorditude once again, and has taken on the dual responsibilities of Marketing Director and Chez Geek Line Editor. And following his success coding the Android version of the Ogre War Room app, Keith Blackard has moved over to our IT team to help out with more app and Web coding. We (er, I) wish them all the best in their new roles.

Taking their places are Devin Lewis and Carl DeSoto. Devin has helped us playtest many of our games over the last few years and has contributed his expertise as part of the Munchkin Brain Trust. He's also a game designer in his own right, and has already jumped in to run many of our outside playtests. Carl has been working in our warehouse for several months now, but as an avid gamer, I'm planning to steal some of his time to contribute his thoughts to Munchkin development as well. Please welcome both of them to the madhouse!

-- Andrew Hackard

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