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July 10, 2006: The Omniscient Eye Reopens

After a long hiatus, the Omniscient Eye is returning to Pyramid.

The Omniscient Eye brings you answers to real-world questions to use in your gaming. Ever wondered whether it's plausible to have a secret headquarters in the middle of a crowded city? How much it costs to buy a kingdom and how to go about buying it? How much journalists and other amateur investigators can legally get away with? And where are all the flying cars? Ask the Omniscient Eye. There are two ways you can get involved:

Got Questions?

The Omniscient Eye seeks to answer questions that are tied to knowledge of the real world, providing information with a perspective that is of use to gamers. The Omniscient Eye does not concern itself with specific game systems or statistics.

Do you have a question for the Omniscient Eye? Feel free to send it to pyramidquestions@yahoogroups.com, and the Omniscient Eye might answer it!

Got Answers?

Are you an expert in a real-world discipline? If so, the Omniscient Eye wants you. We want doctors, lawyers, scientists, professional public policy experts, government officials, engineers, law enforcement officers, professors, and anyone else with in-depth expertise in real-world subjects to answer questions. If you're interested in becoming an expert and answering the occasional question for the Eye, send your name, email address, and a brief summary of your field of expertise to the Omniscient Eye feature editor at iron.llama@gmail.com.

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