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July 11, 2009: See The Revolution!

Revolution! is currently on the boat, heading towards our warehouse, where we expect to turn it around to land on shelves in August. But there are copies out there, being played by MIBs at various times.

One such MIB is Bob Hood, who is running the game at LibertyCon (hey, that's where SJ is!). In fact, he may be running it right now! Go, if you're attending, and find him. (He may also be running The Stars Are Right, so be prepared.)

Next week, Sean Ferris will be running a session or two at The Only Game In Town (Somerville, NJ) on Thursday. If you're free around 6:30pm, head over and play.

And finally, next weekend, Phil and Randy will be attending the Dallas Games Marathon in Dallas (of course).

More events will be announced at our new MIB Demo Forum. That's where our MIBs will be announcing pretty much any demo, event, or tournament they've got planned. Check it often, especially during the summer months, for what our volunteers are up to.

Oh, and two reviews of Revolution! have shown up on our forums too! Take a look at the board titled, appropriately enough, "Game Reviews."

-- Paul Chapman

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