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July 12, 2009: From Coffee to Checkmate in Five Steps.

(This may seem like a long trip, but this is just how my brain works sometimes.)

So, I'm channel-surfing the other day, and see Jon Stewart doing something goofy with a bunch of fake coffee products. This reminds me of those old coffee commercials starring Anthony Head, who, of course, played Sydney's contact on the short-lived -- but much loved -- VR.5. (He was also on some show about killing vampires.) He's the brother of Murray Head, who sang lead on "One Night In Bangkoc," from the concept album "Chess." Of course, I'm terrible at chess, so that reminded me of . . .

. . . Knightmare Chess 2, which is currently available. Some would say, "But I need the first set!" and they'd be wrong, wrong, wrong. KMC2 is a standalone game, adding just as much insanity to the venerable game of chess as its slightly older brother.

No matter if you're a beginner or a registered Master, Knightmare Chess is a great way to add some fun chaos to the traditional game. And as you may have guessed, I'm a big fan of chaos . . .

-- Paul Chapman

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