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July 14, 2007: Coming In November

Steve Jackson Games announces for release in November, 2007:

GURPS High-Tech
All the Gear Is Here!

In 256 meticulously researched pages, GURPS High-Tech gives descriptions and stats for hundreds of kinds of historical weapons and personal armor, vehicles from the stagecoach to modern helicopters, and much more.

GURPS High-Tech also has the gear and gadgets characters need. Communication, from early telegraphs to modern computers; tools of the trade for detectives, spies, and thieves; camping equipment, rations, and first-aid kits; business cards, watches, and fashionable duds this book has everything, for encounters from the wilderness to high society and everything in between.

GURPS High-Tech is the complete resource for equipment from the 18th century through the modern age, and will be appreciated by Game Masters no matter what system they use!

256 pages. Hardcover. Stock #01-0106, ISBN 978-1-55634-770-2. $37.95.

Illuminati Y2K (Reprint)
Even though the Y2K bug failed to knock civilization into a new stone age, it did inspire 109 cards for Illuminati inflicting another layer of weirdness on the already terminally weird. Add Alien Abductors, Cattle Mutilators, Gamers, and 73 other groups to your power structure. Twenty-six Special cards and two Illuminati groups Shangri-La and SubGenius further the frenzy.

Illuminati Y2K delivers even more ways to beef up your Illuminati and its puppets. Use High Fashion to channel megabucks to Discordia, or Computer Dating Services to add extra cards to the Network's hand. Play Red Scare, May Day, or Political Correctness to generate additional income or pump up Resistance, but only for one Alignment. Add your favorite organization, urban legend, or personality with the six blank Group cards. Plus: Ninjas!

110 cards. Stock #1325, ISBN 978-1-55634-374-2. $17.95.
-- Paul Chapman

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