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July 1, 2016:
It's a busy con season, and we're just getting started! Who needs sleep?! . . . read article

July 2, 2016:
Our offices will be closed the week of July 4-8, and will be open again on July 11. Warehouse 23 orders placed in this time will continue to ship, except on July 4 . . . read article

July 3, 2016:
Last year's LibertyCon was so good (and that's not even counting the train ride) that I'll be back. Even by the high standards of Southern conventions, the con committee is fun and friendly, the fans are fun and friendly, and the local MIBs are enthusiastic, fun, and fiendish . . . read article

July 4, 2016:
I played Munchkin for the first time on the Fourth of July, years ago. It was about a year after I moved from South Texas, where my family lives, to South Florida, which is literally a 24-hour car ride away . . . read article

July 5, 2016:
Actual aficionados can now acquire all the alliteration of our amazing activity, Moop's Monster Mashup, ahead of the average admirer.  . . . Well, that went ok.  What we mean is, fans can now preorder our upcoming Munchkin game, Moop's Monster Mashup, coming in July! . . . read article

July 6, 2016:
I announced this over on Munchkin News and in my June Munchkin Musings, but it bears repeating: I'll be a guest at ConnectiCon, July 7-10. I'm giving a couple of talks and playing some games and signing some stuff and generally enjoying not being in Austin in July . . . read article

July 7, 2016:
Thursdays have always been great for GURPS fans because that's when new digital items are uploaded. But lately Thursdays have been even better . . . read article

July 8, 2016:
It has been years since we gave the Munchkin FAQ more than a spit-and-polish update. When I went to look at it earlier this year, I winced; some answers were out of date and there were dozens of questions that really needed to be added . . . read article

July 9, 2016:
Over the past few years, both in book projects and at my site, battlegrip.com, I have used the exploration of toys and the toy industry as a way of unwinding from long days at the office. Games, as you know, are a subset of the larger toy market, and by studying the toy industry I often learn tricks and generate ideas that influence my decisions when working on new games and expansions . . . read article

July 10, 2016:
It's time for another edition of "Crowdfunding Focus," the irregular blog feature in which we tell you about something neat and nerdy you can help fund on the internet! Because it's fun to fund neat and nerdy things on the internet! . . . read article

July 11, 2016:
You may think we're crazy here at Steve Jackson Games, since sometimes we make games where you play as cats competing for your owner's favor, or high school students kidnapping historical figures, or punny fantasy characters questing to become overpowered. But there is a reason for, like, at least half the things we do . . . read article

July 12, 2016:
It has arrived. And by "it" I mean "Katie Cook's Munchkin Cthulhu Guest Artist Edition." It's in stores now . . . read article

July 13, 2016:
Do you like Munchkin? How about slick new promo bookmarks and cards? . . . read article

July 14, 2016:
It's set in 2085 A.D., it's quick to play, and it's portable -- it's Ogre: Objective 218 and it's in stores now! We announced over a year ago that we would combine the world of Ogre with gameplay from modern classic The Battle for Hill 218 . . . read article

July 15, 2016:
Can you keep a secret? Sure you can, but you still need somewhere to write that secret down . . . read article

July 16, 2016:
So this is pretty cool: The guy who designed X-Wing, Star Wars: Edge of the Empire Roleplaying Game, and Warhammer Fantasy Roleplay 3rd Edition wrote a blog post about how board gaming teaches core concepts of coding, and he mentions Munchkin! Designer Jay Little says in his post, "Munchkin showcases two other important coding concepts . . . read article

July 17, 2016:
I've been playing Pokémon since Christmas day, 1998. Thousands of my child and adult hours have been poured into the games, from Pokémon Blue all the way to the Pokémon X and Y. I played the Trading Card Game, and I own countless amounts of Pokémon toys and swag . . . read article

July 18, 2016:
We sat down with Shane White, the man behind Munchkin Pathfinder Guest Artist Edition, and picked his brain about drawing this limited edition version. 1. Munchkin Pathfinder Guest Artist Edition looks amazing! Before doing this project, were you a Munchkin fan, or was this all new territory for you? Thanks for the kind words . . . read article

July 19, 2016:
Turns out, people really like at least two things in this life: Cthulhu and kittens. We say this because our primary warehouse has sold out of both Cthulhu Dice and Munchkin Kittens, and really our only source of information about life is game sales, so we assume this means the world is full of cultists and cat people . . . read article

July 20, 2016:
Zombies: Can't live with 'em, can't lock yourself indefinitely in a fallout shelter and hope they go away. They're fan-favorite monsters, they're everywhere in popular culture, and now they've invaded the pages of Pyramid, with Pyramid #3/92: Zombies, the latest issue of the long-running magazine for gamers . . . read article

July 21, 2016:
Origins 2016 is in the books, and Marketing Director Rhea Friesen had a chance to sit down with The Dice Tower and BoardGameGeek to talk about some of our Summer releases. The Dice Tower ran an Origins Preview video series with Sam Healey, giving quick overviews of Simon's Cat Card Game and I Hate Zombies!, Bill & Ted's Excellent Boardgame, and Ogre: Objective 218 . . . read article

July 22, 2016:
It's Christmas in July! Not that you could tell here; it's 100 degrees outside . . . read article

July 23, 2016:
A couple of weeks ago, I had the opportunity to go to a new adult summer camp called Epic Nerd Camp out in the Poconos in Pennsylvania. It was so much fun! . . . read article

July 24, 2016:
At the start of this year, Boom's Munchkin comic book transitioned from carrying exclusive cards to offering promo codes for special items available only through Warehouse 23. Month after month in 2016, readers of the Munchkin comic have laughed at the exploits of Spyke and Flower and then taken advantage of the opportunity to add new Munchkin zaniness to their game sessions . . . read article

July 25, 2016:
Mike Luckas is a talented artist and comic illustrator, so we're pretty excited that he drew the Target-exclusive Munchkin Legends Guest Artist Edition. So to get a peek into his creative process in drawing the game, we did a little interview . . . read article

July 26, 2016:
Welcome back to our monthly assortment of oddities from the World of Munchkin! We're back from our summer break and ready for the second half of 2016! . . . read article

July 27, 2016:
The land of Munchkin Oz has opened its gates yet again to Spyke and Flower. At this point, it's the city's fault – they should have learned their lesson the first time around . . . read article

July 28, 2016:
We've teased Munchkin Tavern already, but now we can finally share the full list of illustrious guests!  Thursday Night – Steve Jackson and John Kovalic Friday Night – Devin Lewis (Munchkin Developer) and Lar deSouza (Munchkin Playmat: Spyke's Christmas Wish) Saturday Night – Andrew Hackard (Munchkin Czar) and Len Peralta (Star Munchkin Guest Artist Edition) As you can see, it's a stacked roster of staff and artists hanging out at our Munchkin-themed lounge. There will be brand new, exclusive Munchkin Tavern swag for sale on location, in addition to the free promos, surprise release announcements, and daily giveaways.  Each night, the guests will also be taking part in a special dinner with six lucky fans . . . read article

July 29, 2016:
Congratulations! Every retailer just pulled a golden ticket to come see where we craft our games and silly puns! . . . read article

July 30, 2016:
Steven Hesse over at Geek Apocalypse did a 90-minute podcast with legendary Car Wars line editor Scott Haring, and it's 90 horsepower of fun. (Is 90 a lot of horsepower nowadays? . . . read article

July 31, 2016:
Guess what? You can pay money to kill weird people.  Because in Gloom, the families are weird, your goal is to kill them horribly, and now you can fund the digital version of the game on Kickstarter!  Remember Gloom? . . . read article

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