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July 23, 2009: Alcor Open House Update

The Alcor open house will still take place at our office Saturday at 4pm, as planned.

At the moment, though, it looks as though the medical professionals from Alcor will not be here; they've been called to a standby.

This is fine with me. The purpose of our medical team is to take care of members, including, in the worst case, to get us into the freezer. Meeting with potential members is secondary. So the standby is where they belong.

So please come to the open house anyway. I'll be there, along with other long-time Alcor members and a stack of information. Odds are we can answer any question you have, and if not, we know how to find out, and we'll probably want to know the answers too . . . See you Saturday, I hope.

-- Steve Jackson

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