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July 23, 2012: It's A Monster Mash-Up!

Pyramid #3/45: Monsters

From the dawn of time to the edge of tomorrow, monsters have been lurking in the shadows for a long time. Pyramid #3/45: Monsters -- the latest installment of Pyramid magazine -- celebrates all types of terrors . . . and those who fight their unnatural natures.

This issue showcases two features well suited for GURPS Monster Hunters (but great for many other campaigns). Jason "PK" Levine -- the architect of the Monster Hunters line -- introduces options for inhuman characters to let you create new types of heroic monsters, while "The Wild Hunt" provides GURPS descriptions of classic fae threats to humanity.

Pyramid #3/45: Monsters also offers GURPS stats for a number of new threats: a new undying brain-eating creature by David L. Pulver (plus the "real" story of the government's efforts to keep us safe), a fallen deity looking to do what it must to regain its power in a world that no longer believes (as revealed by Matt Riggsby), and a tragic monster forced by magic to coexist in the realm between life and death, written by Michele Armellini.

It also includes descriptions of a sinister modern conspiracy we all deal with every day, and a parasitic threat suitable for fantasy, steampunk, or other horrific campaigns . . . plus other goodies you'll find monthly in Pyramid. This issue is a monster; pick it up individually, or subscribe today to get this installment plus many more months of encapsulated creativity.

-- Steven Marsh

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