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July 26, 2009: Available Again . . . for the First Time!

Here at e23, we're always trying to do what we can to make our products the best we can. And sometimes, that means making existing products even better.

Case in point? Because of a lack of usable source files, some of the GURPS Classic Third Edition reprints we've offered via e23 have had to be made using scanned versions. Our choice was either "scanned copy" or "no copy at all"! However, for a few books, we've overcome technical hurdles that previously prevented us from making original-source versions available. (These are the same kind of problems that kept us from releasing GURPS Dragons via e23 until a couple of months ago.)

So, we're pleased to announce that new, much-improved versions of four classic Third Edition supplements are now available. These are also some of our best-sellers!

If you've purchased any of the above previously through e23, the updated version is yours, free of charge. In fact, it should already be available in your e23 Library; just redownload it at your leisure!

Of course, if you haven't picked these books up before, feel free to check out their new awesome goodness by clicking the links above.

-- Steven Marsh

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