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July 26, 2014: Munchkin Pathfinder Developer Notes

[Image]Our famed Munchkin Czar, the inestimable Andrew Hackard, has compiled some notes and thoughts from the process he went through developing Munchkin Pathfinder.

I was the Munchkin Baron at the time, and my task on the project was to compile raw data for card ideas from the broad swath of Paizo's Pathfinder RPG catalog. They were incredibly generous, providing us with pretty much everything they had published for Pathfinder at the time. That meant I had my work cut out for me, though. I needed a research assistant, my friend Drew Cummings, just to get it all sorted.

In the notes, when Andrew says, "The challenge was figuring out what to leave out, not what to include," I'm proud to say that it's Drew's fault and mine that he had so much material to parse.

-- Leonard Balsera

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