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July 28, 2009: "Part Munchkin, Part Pyramid, All . . ."

Um . . . All, uh, words? Okay, so I choked. I can't really be expected to always be funny every time, can I? I'm not some clanking automaton that generates whimsy at the command of my fleshy overlords. No! I'm a people! And as such, am naturally chaotic.

I'm not like Pyramid, with its monthly releases. Its schedule. Its consistency. Its ability to deliver high-quality gaming material on a regular basis. Flaunting its clear superiority with its latest issue, Pyramid #3/9: Space Opera. I'm not like you, Pyramid! Go take your clockwork ways, and your awesome articles about spacey ships, and let the good people of the Internet buy you!

No, I am more like Munchkin. I'm noisy and ever-changing; a bizzaro mish-mash of popular culture and oddball rules. Yes, like a mighty, yet amorphous juggernaut, I am - what's that? "The Munchkin Rigged Demo is a fixed demonstration that cleanly explains the rules of Munchkin?" And you say it is available as a free download on e23? And that I should stop repeating everything you say? Well, then . . . I guess I'm not like Munchkin either. Eh, for the game's sake, that's probably best.

-- Fox Barrett

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