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July 30, 2009: Revolution! Arrives

Yesterday, the pallets of Revolution! arrived in our warehouse. Next Monday, the massive flood of cases will begin to flow, from us to various distributors to the shelves of your favorite game store.

If you haven't seen our numerous mentions of this fantastic game, check out one of the reviews on the Revolution! page. Randy's Road Trip featured this game fairly prominently, and we've run demos at Origins and Dallas Games Marathon, as well as locales around Austin. We'll also be running it -- nearly constantly -- at GenCon.

Revolution! is rather different for us, with its Euro-style blocks and bidding mechanic. But designer Philip duBarry created a great game, and the developers here in the office polished the "great" into "awesome." You can learn to play in less than five minutes, and play a complete game in less than an hour. It's rapidly becoming one of my favorite games.

Check it out at GenCon, or at one of the Top Secret pre-release demos our MIBs are doing around the country.

Just in! We finished our first Revolution! unboxing video. Go watch on YouTube!

-- Paul Chapman

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