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June 6, 2012: Tolkemec Lives! - A First Peek At Munchkin Conan

Tolkemec from Munchkin ConanOur first card preview from the upcoming Munchkin Conan game is Tolkemec, one of the bad guys from Robert E. Howard's last Conan story, Red Nails. This story was a fan favorite in discussions on our forums and on Facebook, so we figured it'd be an ideal debut. Watch out for that crazy magic wand!

Munchkin Conan lets you battle the creatures and villains that populate Howard’s stories, collect some Crom-tastic loot, and enjoy what is best in life -- beating your friends to Level 10, of course! Our newest Munchkin game was designed by Steve Jackson and features art by perennial Munchkin illustrator -- and huge Conan fan! -- John Kovalic. Munchkin Conan has card backs that match the original Munchkin game -- it can be combined with that set or played on its own. Of course, it can also be mixed with the Munchkin Conan the Barbarian booster, which was based on the recent movie.

We hope you enjoy this sneak peek at the new set! Keep an eye out for more previews and announcements here on the Daily Illuminator, and look for Munchkin Conan later this summer at your friendly local game store -- Crom wills it!

-- Leonard Balsera

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