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June 18, 2021: Get The Latest In GURPS News

Did you know that GURPS has an exclusive monthly news post? Whether your answer is, "No, tell me about it" or "Yes, but remind me," you can point your browser over to the main GURPS page, at sjgames.com/gurps.

There, just below the displayed most-recent releases, you'll find the monthly inside scoop on all things GURPS related: overviews of our latest releases, details on our On Demand titles, insight into what's in the works, and other info you don't want to miss. It's all from the keyboard of GURPS Line Editor Sean Punch . . . or, as I like to think of him, the guy who put the "author" in "authoritative." There are even options to share and subscribe, so you can be the first to know what they don't want you to!

-- Steven Marsh

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