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June 18, 2024: Charity Miles

Walking in nature is its own reward, but it's nice to find a way of putting all those miles to good use. Many years ago, a friend who learned about my love of trails recommended that I check out Charity Miles, an app that allows you to raise money for various causes while you walk, run, or bike. It's been my go-to walking app ever since.
Like most other exercise tracking apps, Charity Miles keeps track of your step count, as well as the number of miles you've walked. What sets Charity Miles apart from similar apps like Strava and Map My Run is that your miles can be sponsored by family, friends, or corporate sponsors (the default). The process is fairly simple – after downloading the app and creating an account, you choose the charity you want to support with your activity. Every time you use the app, you'll earn up to 25 cents per mile (or 10 cents per mile if you bike). You can also create teams so you and your friends can walk and earn together.
If you're a serious runner, then be advised that this app may not be the best for you. It lacks many of the features that other running apps have, such as a map of your route, heart rate monitoring, or leaderboards. But if you're a casual walker or runner who likes the idea of doing good when you're out and about, Charity Miles offers a simple way to give back with every step. 

-- Katie Duffy

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