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June 25, 2023: ComicBook.Com Interviews Steve About Groo

Groo: The Game has generated a lot of interest around both the gaming and comic book sphere, and the folks at ComicBook.com got the lowdown from the man himself, Steve Jackson. Steve talks the history of the game, Sergio Aragonés, reprinting classic games, and even a little bit of GURPS! As with our recent Wiz-War offering, Steve is a big fan of Groo: The Game, so bringing it back to print is an important project both personally and professionally. But you can get that straight from the horse's mouth in the ComicBook.com interview

You can also check out the video interview on ComicBook.com's YouTube channel in The Character Sheet

Once you've heard about it from Steve, you'll probably want to check out the Kickstarter and pick up your own copy of Groo: The Game. Thanks to your enthusiastic support, we funded in under an hour, and our conquering hero (or at least he'd like to think so) will be returning!

-- Hunter Shelburne

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