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March 2, 2011: PAX East Schedule

If you're attending PAX East next week, you may be wondering what the Steve Jackson Games crew will be up to. Here's the rundown:

  • Every day between 10am and midnight we'll be running demos in the TableTop area on Level 0. We're listed on the giant banner maps that will be around . . . or you can just look for the Munchkin Zombie images. We won't be hard to find. If you're interested in Zombie Dice, Cthulhu Dice, or anything else, just come on by and ask!
  • On Saturday, from 5:30pm to 6:30pm, SJ, Phil, and Andrew will be speaking as part of a panel titled "Careers in Paper Gaming." If you wonder what it would take to list "Game Designer" on your resume, stop into the Merman Theatre.
  • We'll be selling stuff. And by "we," I mean Compleat Strategist, the legendary shop from New York. They'll be carrying a ton of our games, including Munchkin Zombies!
  • We'll also be giving stuff away! It's the classic "drop your name into a bowl, and we'll draw one out" game. Each day at 5pm we'll grab a couple of lucky names and hand them something cool -- a Mega-Chibithulhu, Munchkinomicon, or something we found in our pocket. It'll be a surprise!
  • SJ will be signing anything you put in front of him from 4:30pm until 5pm every day. I'm told this does not include children unless said child is wearing a Munchkin shirt. On Friday and Sunday he'll be in his Sharpie frenzy at our booth; on Saturday, he'll be doodling in the Compleat Strategist booth. (Of course, if you've seen the maps, you know that we're talking about a difference of maybe 50 feet. We won't let you get left out.)
  • Pandemonium Books, another excellent local retailer, will be running a Munchkin tournament, and there are rumors of Zombie Dice and Cthulhu Dice tournaments in the wee hours of the night. Check with TableTop HQ for the times and dates.

That's what we'll be doing next week. If you haven't registered yet . . . you're very late. Three-day and Saturday-Only badges sold out weeks ago, and Friday-Only and Sunday-Only badges are at critically low levels. If you hurry, you might just nab one!

-- Paul Chapman

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