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March 3, 2022: The Fantasy Trip Foes Downloadable 3D STL Miniatures Now At DriveThruRPG

Our Kickstarter campaign for The Fantasy Trip Foes, new 3D STL miniatures that you can print at home with a resin 3D printer, closed successfully and was delivered to project backers last month. As our team continues work on new 3D models, we've opened the Foes files to the world, and you can find them today at DriveThruRPG.

Currently available are:

Although designed for use with The Fantasy Trip, these 32mm fantasy miniatures can be used with almost any fantasy roleplaying game or tabletop skirmish game. Do you need more skeletons and orcs for your OSR campaign? The Fantasy Trip Foes will work perfectly, especially since you can easily size them up or down to fit your exact needs. The future is kinda sweet; now you can have dozens of skeletons and build an army that will guarantee those PCs suffer the TPK that they deserve.

-- Phil Reed

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