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March 4, 2021: Be Batman

"Be yourself." Very good advice. Unless, of course, you can be Batman. In that case, be Batman!

You'll get that chance in The Dark Knight Returns: The Game, from Cryptozoic Entertainment. The Kickstarter has just met its goal and is now into stretch goals.

It's a solo game, which takes care of the worst problem of superhero games: only one player can be Batman. The rest of us get stuck as normals, or worse, as Aquaman or something. (Okay, Jason Momoa has made that better, but STILL.) (I digress.)

The miniatures in the set look absolutely beautiful, and on the whole it's a big, generous package. Read about it and support here.

-- Steve Jackson

Postscript - Now that the game has funded they have added a 2-player mode, in which one of you is Batman and the other is, basically, everybody else. I still want to be Batman.

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