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March 8, 2009: The Dread Gazebo Attacks!

You must face the Gazebo alone.

Well, not so much attacks, as "gets built." (Construction seems to be a theme around here lately, doesn't it?) After much deliberation, and a bit of searching, we now have a very nice place to meet, or eat lunch, or just enjoy a sunny day.

The whole thing was a kit, as I understand it. All I'm sure of is the speed which it went from start to "Wow, that's going up quick" to "Hey, it's darn near done!" to finished in just an afternoon.

Now we need to add a pair of eyes that can switch between fearful and glaring -- depending on the level of those walking up to it -- and it'll be ready to harrass the munchkins that wander by. More realistically, we'll get a couple of lights added so we can enjoy the cooler evenings during the summer.

-- Paul Chapman

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