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March 16, 2009: Mind The Gap

Subway stations. Well-traveled hubs of commuter traffic or fell pits of Cimmerian gloom? You make the call.

Or you can let us make the call. And we should warn you, when you leave something like this in our hands, well . . . let's just say we aren't likely to go the "sunshine and candy" route with it. No, we're likely to put out something like GURPS Locations: Metro of Madness. It looks at one particular station through the lens of eldritch horror, arcane mystery, and a general sense of "ooky"-ness. It's also setting-free, so you can drop it into darn near anything.

Anything with a subway, anyway. It might be a little bit of a reach for your players if you dump this into your 13th-century China campaign.

-- Fox Barrett

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