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March 19, 2023: Monster Seeds For Use With The Dungeon Fantasy Roleplaying Game


When we were working on the Monsters 2 book (available in print and PDF, and also as a print-on-demand book), our team crafted a number of adventure seeds for use with monsters found in the Dungeon Fantasy Roleplaying Game. We used those adventure seeds on Facebook, in Kickstarter updates, forum posts, and even a Daily Illuminator post. 

The adventure seeds did their job at the time – directing attention to the Monsters 2 Kickstarter campaign while providing gamemasters with ideas – and to be honest, they're as useful today as they were when originally written. Fortunately, we thought to create a forum thread collecting links to the adventure seeds in a single place . . . and the thread is still there and ready for those of you who happened to miss these when they were first posted in 2019.

Check out the forum post, and then grab a copy of Monsters 2 if you need monsters for your GURPS and Dungeon Fantasy Roleplaying Game sessions!

-- Phil Reed

(Oh. And if you ever wanted these seeds in an assembled form, whether PDF or print, we recommend following our Warehouse 23 account on Kickstarter. Why? No reason.)

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