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March 1, 2016:
Every year, our friends at BoardGameGeek.com hold the Golden Geek Awards, a prestigious prize given in multiple categories, similar to the Oscars, but for board games. The nominations for this year's awards are open, and we are hoping to nominate Munchkin Steampunk Deluxe! . . . read article

March 2, 2016:
From the ashes of the old, forge a daring new world! GURPS is great for post-apocalyptic gaming, and Pyramid #3/88: The End is Nigh -- the most recent issue of Pyramid -- amps up your wasteland warriors with more options, opportunities, and opposition. It features a fascinating yet frightening gang from Jason "PK" Levine that would be a powerful ally or enemy, with GURPS stats for typical members, maps of their lair and the surrounding area, a player handout, and more . . . read article

March 3, 2016:
Winter isn't officially over yet, but we have a couple of preorders available now to help get you ready for Spring! Chez Geek Spring Break Sun's out, guns out . . . guts out? Jump back into Spring with the slackers of Chez Geek, and take a road trip to the exotic locations like the Baja, while avoiding the perils of the Unexpected Blizzard . . . read article

March 4, 2016:
Happy GM's Day! This is a day to let those lords of the table know how much you appreciate them . . . read article

March 5, 2016:
Our volunteer MIBs are constantly pounding the pavement to bring the best demos to the people! They frequently run events at Friendly Local Game Stores and conventions, showing off all of our most popular games . . . read article

March 6, 2016:
I was scrolling through Reddit the other day when I came across the most interesting thread I'd seen in a very long time. Dambedani, a woman who manages a game store in Maryland, offered to give away board games to anyone who messaged her with no want of reward! . . . read article

March 7, 2016:
As an astronaut returns to earth, our own star-man Len Peralta has finally landed on store shelves with Star Munchkin Guest Artist Edition! It's the second game of our Guest Artist Edition series, and has already received a stellar response . . . read article

March 8, 2016:
The Munchkin Book from BenBella Books has been recently released, and readers are talking! People are getting a kick out the classic Munchkin humor, combined with essays ranging from game design to family and beyond . . . read article

March 9, 2016:
When it feels like you've run every campaign in the world, the best way to shake things up is to break the world and start over! At least, that was my philosophy behind the new GURPS After the End series . . . read article

March 10, 2016:
Spyke's mug is sneaking into more and more publications; this time in Meeple Monthly! CEO Phil Reed wrote an article about a few of the upcoming Munchkin Guest Artist Edition games, like Munchkin Fu Guest Artist Edition and Munchkin Cthulhu Guest Artist Edition! . . . read article

March 11, 2016:
Great Scott! This is positively astounding news, I dare say! . . . read article

March 12, 2016:
Are you curious about the new GURPS After the End series, but want to know more before jumping into the apocalypse feet first? It's reasonable to not want to charge out into the New World unprepared! . . . read article

March 13, 2016:
If you've been following SJ Games for a while, you'll notice we publish a lot of different newsletters and leaflets to keep you guys informed about our company. One such document was Where We're Going, a newsletter talking about upcoming products, happenings around the office, and other such geekery . . . read article

March 14, 2016:
Our Guest Artist Edition series has given us the unique ability to work with artists of many backgrounds and styles, many of whom are stars in the comic industry. One of these incredible talents is Edwin Huang, who's helming his own version of Munchkin Guest Artist Edition . . . read article

March 15, 2016:
Our crew is hitting the road in 2016! It's another busy year of cons, and that means a lot of opportunities to demo games, get promos, or even meet special guests! . . . read article

March 16, 2016:
We've got a sneak preview of the upcoming Munchkin comic issue #15 from BOOM! Studios, written and illustrated by our own Munchkin Guest Artist Len Peralta! . . . read article

March 17, 2016:
SJ Games is taking Seattle by storm! Our crack events team will be attending Emerald City Comicon from April 7th - 10th, bringing the most anticipated new and upcoming games . . . read article

March 18, 2016:
SJ Games is looking for people to help us run demos of Munchkin Steampunk at select Books-A-Million and 2nd & Charles stores! These events will happen from 2 p.m. to 5 p.m. on Saturday, March 26th . . . read article

March 19, 2016:
Last month I was given the fantastic opportunity to work on the JoCo Cruise 2016, running demos of our newest games -- and some top-secret playtests -- in the ship's Game Room (sponsored by Steve Jackson Games). Not only was this my first JoCo Cruise, but also my first cruise ever! . . . read article

March 20, 2016:
Today's Crowdfunding Focus gives the stage to a local Austin business: Vigilante Bar on Kickstarter. Owner Preston Swincher took a moment to answer some questions about his new business continuing on the trend of combining boardgames, food, and drink. Hi Preston, congrats on nearly funding already! . . . read article

March 21, 2016:
We are adjusting the release schedule for the Munchkin Guest Artists Editions to give them each more time at your friendly local game store. Spacing out the release of the Munchkin Guest Artist Edition games, we hope, will allow you time to grab these special editions and avoid the inevitable (and inflated) aftermarket prices . . . read article

March 22, 2016:
Marvel fans, unite! Munchkin Marvel Edition is fast approaching, and you can get a taste of the action with some specially marked Munchkin games. Look for a Marvel sticker on specially marked copies of our various Munchkin core sets at your Friendly Local Game Store . . . read article

March 23, 2016:
The awesome folks of Warehouse 23 have put together a list of the top 10 games and supplements in terms of sales from last month. We're happy that the experiment of selling promos online is so successful, as they were collectively the top selling item . . . read article

March 24, 2016:
Emerald City Comicon is rapidly approaching, so we should reveal our two Guest Artist appearances: Ian McGinty and Katie Cook! Ian's Munchkin Guest Artist Edition has been a huge success, and he's illustrated upcoming projects like Munchkin Knights and Munchkin Playmat -- Spyke Gets Suckered . . . read article

March 25, 2016:
Looking for a smashing good time? Then the Munchkin Steampunk Learn to Play event is just the ticket! . . . read article

March 26, 2016:
I've written two books about transforming robot toys (Transforming Collections, Transforming Expectations), and one of my greatest weaknesses is awesome robot toys that are fun to transform, study, and photograph. I've rarely encountered these toys in stores, so up until last week, 99% of my purchases have happened through online retailers (just about the only place to buy these toys in the U.S.) . . . read article

March 27, 2016:
People are always looking for the biggest games, with all sorts of bells and whistles. But what if some of the best games are hiding in gum-sized packages? . . . read article

March 28, 2016:
Convention season is upon us, and Munchkin Cthulhu Guest Artist Edition artist Katie Cook may be coming to your town! Katie is known for her webcomic Gronk: A Monster's Story, as well as fan favorite expansions like Munchkin Love Shark Baby, Munchkin Kittens, and the upcoming Munchkin Puppies . . . read article

March 29, 2016:
The newest printings of both volumes of the GURPS Basic Set have arrived from the printer and are now shipping to distributors. These have both been out of stock at our primary warehouse for a little while now; bringing these two books back into print keeps the entryway into the GURPS system on store shelves, easily accessible to anyone looking to explore the game . . . read article

March 30, 2016:
It's Wednesday, and that means new comics! Munchkin Comic #15 from BOOM! Studios is available today, with art and story by Len Peralta! . . . read article

March 31, 2016:
Apologies to everyone with whom I dropped correspondence earlier this month. I got a little sick on the cruise, thought I had gotten better and kept going . . . and somewhere along the line it turned into a big sick . . . read article

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