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March 25, 2006: Electronic Banestorm!

The PDF version of GURPS Banestorm has been posted to e23 240+ full-color pages of fantasy goodness for Fourth Edition GURPS!

GURPS Banestorm updates the original Yrth of GURPS Third Edition Fantasy and Fantasy Adventures. It provides GMs with a complete world background history, religion, culture, politics, races, and a bonus collection of 16 detailed, full-color maps from throughout the book - everything needed to start a GURPS campaign. Phil Masters (GURPS Discworld and Hellboy RPG RPGs) and Jonathan Woodward (Hellboy RPG and GURPS Ogre) have added new peoples, places, and plots, as well as lots more on magic and mysticism, all of which conforms to the just-released GURPS Fantasy and GURPS Magic.

Oh, and for those who missed it in all the GAMA Trade Show rush (okay, maybe I was the only one . . .), GURPS Infinite Worlds, the Origins nominee by Ken Hite, has been posted as well.
-- Paul Chapman

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