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March 30, 2021: GURPS Who's Who 1 And Who's Who 2 Back In Print


The GURPS On Demand program expands once again! If you're unfamiliar with GURPS On Demand, then you've been missing out on your chance to grab dozens of different GURPS books in print. As a part of the Amazon print-on-demand system, the GURPS On Demand titles are faster and easier for many of you to get your hands on . . . almost regardless of where you live! In Europe, for example, Amazon prints the books as close to your home as possible when you place an order, which saves time and money on shipping.

We've added two more titles -- GURPS Who's Who 1 and GURPS Who's Who 2 -- to the program, both of which were some of my earliest projects when I first joined Steve Jackson Games back in 1999. It's kinda nice to see that now, over two decades later, these are available in print again.

Find GURPS Who's Who 1, Who's Who 2, and dozens of other books right now at our GURPS On Demand page.

-- Phil Reed

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