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March 31, 2007: Vs. Deadlines

Welcome to the next campaign of one of our favorite live-action roleplaying games. In vs. Deadlines, the players take on the roles of highly creative employees at a game company that finds itself under constant assault by a variety of evil creatures known as distractions. To play vs. Deadlines you will need a job at Steve Jackson Games, several co-workers (who are on your team, so work with them and not against them), and the right mixture of genius and insanity to take on and eliminate! the evil distractions.

Today we welcome back an old player, Phil Reed. With hundreds of past sessions under his belt, and extensive experience battling distractions for both his own PDF publishing company and other game companies, were proud to say that our returning player knows what hes getting himself into and is ready help lead the game group through the new campaign. In his new role as Managing Editor, were hoping that he will slay the latest batch of distractions and fortify our defenses against future ones.

We invite you to check back frequently to watch as the campaign unfolds. You will know the players are winning when you see new products hit the shelves on schedule.

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