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May 11, 2021: Labyrinth Encounter Cards For The Fantasy Trip


With your support, we're going to add even more tools to the GM's kit with the upcoming Labyrinth Encounter Cards. This new deck of 52 cards (plus one blank) provides the Game Master with just enough inspiration to construct an encounter deep in the dungeon. Similar in style and design to the Outdoor Encounter Cards, the new Labyrinth Encounter Cards are entering the final stages of the creative process . . . which means it's almost time to take these to Kickstarter to judge demand!

Our current plan is to include these new Labyrinth Encounter Cards as a part of the upcoming Kickstarter campagn for two new Quick Quest micro-adventures. Both adventures are ready to go, so now we're building the Kickstarter page and slotting the project into our crowdfunding schedule.

Please follow our Warehouse 23 account on Kickstarer for email notification when this new project goes live.

-- Phil Reed


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