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May 15, 2012: Welcome Back, Randy!

Randy Scheunemann is familiar to many of you who play our games or visit us at conventions. When he was last here, Randy contributed to everything from Revolution! to Cthulhu Dice, and he has spent more hours teaching our games in stores than many of us in the office. And for just over a year Randy was gone, living in the northwest where he worked with our friends at Geek Chic. Many of us in Austin were sorry to see him go, but at least he was with a group of great folks and a company we respected.

Well, being the wanderer that he is, life directed Randy back to Austin, and as soon as we heard he was moving back we called and said, "Randy, are you looking for work?"

Welcome back, Randy! This time he is working as our Retail Liaison and Conventions Manager, two tasks he is perfectly suited to (Randy loves cons and stores, and teaches our games like a master; I'm personally overjoyed to have him in these roles since I know he'll do an excellent job and not require a lot of my time). Any of you who would like support for your store or convention are encouraged to contact him -- randy@sjgames.com. You're sure to get fantastic and fast service.

-- Phil Reed

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