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May 17, 2024: Lumberjills: A LARP About The WWII Women's Timber Corps

I've been fascinated with living history since my 3rd grade class went to Hale Farm and Village to learn more 19th century life in Northeast Ohio. So when I heard about Lumberjills, a LARP about a little known aspect of World War II history, I was intrigued. 
Lumberjills is based on the Women's Timber Corps. During World War II, the British armed forces needed wood for everything from barracks to telegraph poles. Lumberjacks from America were brought to the Scottish Highlands to help harvest trees, but they couldn't keep up with the overwhelming demand. British women answered the call and learned how to fell trees, then process, mill and transport the resulting lumber. Lumberjills is based on first-hand accounts from the women who lived, loved, and found themselves during this time.
Women's contributions were crucial to the war effort, and I'm always fascinated to learn how women fulfilled their duty to their country and community while men were at war. That's one of the reasons I'd love to try out Lumberjills and the other games in the War Birds Anthology by Moyra Turkington – it offers a means of connecting with a pivotal period in American and world history. Lumberjills reached its Kickstarter goal, so hopefully I'll be able to check it out soon!

-- Katie Duffy

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