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May 21, 2003: Warehouse 23 Becomes Official Online Sales HQ For Dork Storm Press

Warehouse 23 has announced an agreement with Dork Storm Press that makes Warehouse 23 their official online sales headquarters.

"I'm thrilled to have all the great Dork Storm comics in Warehouse 23," manager Michelle Barrett said. The current Dork Storm lineup includes Nodwick and PS 238 by Aaron Williams, Snapdragons by John Kovalic and Liz Rathke, and the Origins award-winning Dork Tower by Kovalic. Warehouse 23 will also carry the trade paperback compilations of the comics, and whatever else Dork Storm comes up with in the future.

Dork Tower is a gaming phenomenon today, and Kovalic and SJ Games go back a long way . . . Pyramid was one of the first publications to run Dork Tower, and Kovalic's illustrations for Munchkin and Chez Geek contributed to those games' success. Aaron Williams' Nodwick has been a mainstay in Dragon Magazine for years, and his new PS 238 is a runaway hit. "I'm enormously happy with this agreement," said Kovalic. "This being Steve Jackson Games, I feel like we're keeping this all in the family." Dork Storm joins Atlas Games, Issaries, and Citizen Games as companies that use Warehouse 23 as their online sales site.

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