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May 21, 2024: Dive Deep Into CARnage 2 With Videos, Podcasts, And More

CARnage 2, the sequel to the first CARnage STL set, is now live on Kickstarter! 
The files for CARnage 2 contain an unbelievable amount of new cars, terrain, accessories, and more, and they are compatible with all Car Wars 6th Edition games. We are excited to announce that the first stretch goal has been unlocked! 
We previewed the venture on our Daily Illuminator last week, and now you can learn even more about this exciting project by watching the amazing videos below. 
Several of our friends have hosted streams during which they painted cars from CARnage 2, and we would like to share a few with you.
The Band of Badgers, based in the United Kingdom, have already completed three streams, and one featured Will from the SJ Games team! They will also be hosting another one on May 23rd, and we highly recommend you check it out. The first two can be found here and here
Diecast Media Network have been strong supporters of Car Wars for a while – they've already done an unboxing video for our Double Ace set, interviewed Randy and Jimmie, and reviewed Car Wars Companion. Their most recent video is about CARnage 2, and it's great! 
The good people at 20 Sided Gamified Podcast have also made a video about CARnage 2, and they've previously recorded plenty of podcast episodes featuring members of the Steve Jackson Games crew. You can listen to an interview with Randy and Will, or even listen to host Jared Fishman talk with Steve himself
These are only three of the great content creators we have partnered with for this project. You can find a full list here on our CARnage 2 Kickstarter page. 
Pledge levels start at just $1 to be a Spectator. If you'd like to purchase a Superfan Ticket for $1,000, you will have the opportunity to create your very own 3D-printable character along with the Steve Jackson Games team! At the time of publishing, just 2 Superfan Tickets remained! 
CARnage 2 will be live for only a couple more days. Now is the perfect time to back the project so you can autoduel with all-new components!

-- Michelle Richardson

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