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May 22, 2004: No! GURPS Ultra-Tech Is NOT Our Product Catalog!

Every so often, some joker calls Warehouse 23 and tries to order something out of the pages of a GURPS book, for example the Chameleon Cloak on page 85 of GURPS Ultra-Tech. That attempt might have been funny once. Maybe.

Of course now that we've found a potential supplier maybe we'll stop laughing too. . .

The BBC has details on this cloak, a computer game with a neural interface, flying cars, and other things GURPS said would be available at midnight, January 1st, 2000. They're just a little behind schedule. . . (And yes, before everyone sends us e-mail, we know some of the things in that article are assigned to TLs later than eight, and that none of these inventions are ready for practical use, yet.) And NO, you still can't order a Chameleon Cloak from Warehouse 23!

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