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May 26, 2010: Game Designers In The Central Texas Area!

Are you a game designer in the central Texas area? Do you have a prototype you'd like to playtest with a group of gamers other than your friends and family? Would you like to blindtest your board or card game? Are you free this weekend?

Protospiel South is the event you've been looking for. No published games, no tournaments, no limited availability variants -- this convention is a gathering of playtesters and designers, with the goal of testing and promoting "nearly-finished game prototypes." Registration at the door for the full weekend is only $30. We'll be there to get some valuable outside playtesting and to encourage local designers.

Who knows what new designs we'll see this weekend? Will it be one of yours?

(Full disclosure: Protospiel South is organized by Jonathan Leistiko, who does game development for us as his "day job." He didn't put us up to blabbing about his event; we just think it's a darned cool idea.)

-- Paul Chapman

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