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May 28, 2003: Now Shipping!

Memorial Day has come and gone, and summer has officially begun in the good ol' US of A. And nothing says "summer fun" like staying inside, away from the sun, bugs, and falling meteorites, and playing these fine products currently on their way to distributors everywhere. Look for them at your friendly local game store any day now:

GURPS Vehicle Builder
GURPS Vehicle Builder is the official vehicle-creation program for GURPS. Like the GURPS Character Builder before it, GURPS Vehicle Builder lets you design, optimize, store, modify, and print out vehicles of all types, from an oxcart to a space station! All the system's features are supported, with complete vehicle creation rules from GURPS Vehicles, as well as GURPS Vehicles Expansion 1 and GURPS Vehicles Expansion 2.

Lots of extras, including a die roller, round out this package.

(For Windows only. Sorry, Mac fans.)

CD in DVD case. Stock #5403, ISBN 1-55634-699-9. $24.95.

GURPS Psionics (Reprint)
Spies and police who can read your thoughts. New Age mysticism merged with ultra-technology. Psychic vampires. Mass minds of terrible power. Telepathic computers. Gifted children killed or kidnapped by a power-mad government. This is the world of GURPS Psionics.

Psionics is the ultimate sourcebook for psi powers. It includes a complete world background - and the GM can use it as a resource for campaigns in any background.

128 pages. Stock #6040, ISBN 1-55634-196-2. $22.95.

GURPS Age of Napoleon
Once in a great while, one man defines the time in which he lives. One such man was Napoleon Bonaparte, and his ambition shaped the face of a continent. From humble beginnings in Corsica to ignominious defeat in Russia and at Waterloo, Napoleon was the sun around which Europe revolved.

GURPS brings the age of Napoleon to life. It focuses on 18th- and 19th-century Europe, including the beginning of the end of colonialism. Here's a wealth of roleplaying information about commoners, soldiers, nobles, spies, privateers . . . and revolutionaries. Filled with the superb research which roleplayers expect from a GURPS historical supplement, GURPS Age of Napoleon breathes life into bloody battlefields . . . and the equally bloody political intrigue of Napoleon's Europe.

128 pages. Stock #6539, ISBN 1-55634-451-1. $22.95.

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