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May 30, 2015: Summer Convention Season Is Here! Where Are Your Munchkin Shirts?


It's officially summer convention season, team, so it's time to make sure your Munchkin shirts are all fresh and ready for action at the big cons. Our partners at We Love Fine have over two dozen shirts in stock right now, so check the list and grab a shirt or two for your next convention trip. With so many different shirts available -- including my favorite of the contest winners -- you're unlikely to run into a fashion faux pax and sit down at a game table wearing the same shirt as your competition.

But, I can hear you asking, what happens if you are wearing the same Munchkin shirt as another player at the table? Hmmmm. Maybe I can convince Andrew to write a special rule just for this unlikely event. Let me run out and see if I can find him.


I had to track him down in the warehouse, digging through old archive copies. He said he was "looking for the one truth" or something like that. Honestly, I stopped listening. Fortunately, I had paper with me, so here's what Andrew wrote for a rule:

If two or more players shall be seated at a Munchkin table while attired in the same garment, they shall fight to the death until there is a sole victor who has earned the right to wear that most sacred of garments.

Nah, just kidding. If there are multiple people at a Munchkin table wearing the same Munchkin shirt, they are required to assist each other when asked without asking for a reward, unless the fight be for the win.

Perfect! Now even if you find yourself wearing the same shirt as one of the other players at the table, there's still a bit of awesome wrapped up in your Munchkin shirt. You're welcome.

-- Phil Reed

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