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November 5, 2009: Vorkosigan Saga Peeks, Part III

Vorkosigan Saga cover

In typical fashion for this project, the routine customs examination turned into a week-long "let's x-ray every container" exercise, pushing the release of the Vorkosigan Saga Sourcebook and Roleplaying Game back. But don't worry! I've received word that the print run has arrived in our warehouse, and copies will start shipping out next week. Look for them on store shelves the last week of the month.

To keep your mind off the impending arrival of such an anticipated book, I offer a trio of sneak peeks. First, we have a pair of pages about ships -- the sort that cross interstellar distances. These, of course, are background material. Gearheads will want to check out the starship design system on pages 184 to 207 of the full manuscript.

The second peek is of vital interest once you have a ship, and you want to do something illegal with it. Yes, smuggling may not be the oldest profession, but it's still quite a bit of fun.

Finally, we look at the engine that drives roleplaying sessions: complications. In Miles' world, things like greed and vengeance have their place, but so do duty, family, and honor.

That's it for sneak peeks! The physical book will be available in a few weeks, and the PDF is available right now.

-- Paul Chapman

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