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November 7, 2019: Car Wars Fans, Uncle Al Has A Deal For You!


Car Wars Sixth Edition is coming to Kickstarter on Black Friday, and Uncle Al and his crew have been working overtime to prepare a special deal for those who join the Kickstarter campaign on that first day – November 29th.

We can already hear you asking: "What's the special deal?" That's a surprise, gang, but we can say that you won't want to miss out on this pack of new weapons and accessories for use with Car Wars Sixth Edition. And, best of all, this special bonus for first-day project backers will grow as the campaign gains more and more supporters! 

The bonus is FREE to Day One backers. For those who get the word late, it will be available as an add-on item . . . but NOT free. Save your bucks, join the Car Wars Sixth Edition campaign on Black Friday, and take advantage of Uncle Al's generosity. We hope to see all of you there!!!

Note: To receive email notification when the Car Wars project goes live, please follow both the Steve Jackson Games and Warehouse 23 pages on Kickstarter.

-- Phil Reed


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