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November 10, 2015: Munchkin Oz Dice Giveaway!

Munchkin Oz Dice When you play Munchkin Oz, do you wish there was even more Oz in it? Sure, you've already got the Emerald City and the Yellow Brick Road and some poor witch done in by a house. But who could blame you for wanting more?

Warehouse 23 sure doesn't! And over the next month, they are giving away a special Munchkin Oz d6, with the ever-present Spyke on one face of a rich, (dare we say "emerald-like"?) green die. And this die is included with any physical purchase of $10 or more from Warehouse 23, between now and December 14, 2015.

So keep an eye out for flying monkeys, and score your Munchkin Oz d6 today!

-- Scott Haring

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