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November 12, 2006: GaelCon Charity Auction Results

The Irish Games Association's charity auctions have become somewhat legendary for racking up fantastic sums for various children's charities in Ireland. In fact, at this year's Gaelcon, the organizers were presented with the Diana Jones Award for Excellence in Gaming.

For our part, John Kovalic donated the original artwork from the cover of Munchkin Cthuhhu, complete with a special Munchkin Certificate of Authenticity (which, of course, had in-game benefits). This piece alone brought in 1,000 (over $1,200 US)!

Overall, Gaelcon brought in 27,310 (over $30,000 US). Congratulations to Colm Lundberg and Gaelcon for the superb auction, their tireless efforts, and the Diana Jones Award!
- Paul Chapman

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