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November 12, 2010: Cthulhu Dice Gets More Colors

New Cthulhu Dice Colors You've heard we're doing a second printing of Zombie Dice, right? Since we bundled ZD and Cthulhu Dice together for their first printing, we figured we'd do the same on this batch.

However, since we're not satisfied with just four colors, we decided that this run of Cthulhu Dice would be bone with red ink, and red with yellow ink. The original four colors (light green with black ink, dark green with yellow ink, purple with green ink, and black with green ink) are still available -- our current supplies should last at least through the holidays -- but we don't have a reprint planned for them. Will this be your only chance to get a purple die? I don't know, but if Phil and SJ keep coming up with awesome color combinations, you won't miss it.

Of course, if you're reading this and looking at the attached photo, you're likely thinking, "What about that purple one right there?" That, my friend, is not the purple Cthulhu Dice you've already seen -- it's translucent!

It will also be a Warehouse 23 exclusive, along with the two glow-in-the-dark dice already available. If you want one, order it here, or catch up with us at a convention!

-- Paul Chapman

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