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November 16, 2011: Preparing For PAX East

Usually when we mention PAX East, we sadly have to mention that all the tickets have sold out. But registration opened earlier this month, so you've still got a chance to attend!

Boston is a bit chilly during April, but it's worth braving the weather to see the massive exhibit hall, not to mention the thousands of square feet of open gaming. We'll be there, showing off our newest games and playing classics.

(PAX East is scheduled on Easter weekend this year, a fact that everyone involved acknowledges as "less than optimal." Top Men are working on making sure this doesn't happen next year.)

Really, if you're a gamer, and you can get to Boston next April, you'll very likely find something to entertain you . . . and you'll meet some of the most well-rounded gamers in the country.

Click over to east.paxsite.com for the registration and hotel information.

-- Paul Chapman

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