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November 1, 2012:
Convolution is a new SF/fantasy/media convention near San Francisco. I'm going to be one of the Guests of Honor . . . and I'm bringing the Steampunk Chaos Machine! . . . read article

November 2, 2012:
Back on May 27, Steve announced that I was going to write GURPS Zombies. I started work on June 1 and submitted the first draft on September 21 . . . read article

November 3, 2012:
Autumn means two things: cooler weather, and gathering together with friends and family for the traditional hot cocoa and game nights. During these occasions, it's a good idea to wear something warm, but don't you want a little more from your cold-weather clothing? . . . read article

November 4, 2012:
John Picacio won the 2012 Hugo Award for Best Professional Artist, an award that (in this humble scribe's opinion) was long overdue. John is also one of the truly nice guys in the world, someone I'm happy to be able to call a friend . . . read article

November 5, 2012:
The aliens have landed . . . and this time there are a lot of them! Newly released to e23, GURPS Traveller Classic: Alien Races 4 contains 16 different extraterrestrial species you might encounter in the Traveller universe . . . read article

November 6, 2012:
Munchkin Apocalypse and the +6 Bag o' Radioactive Munchkin d6 have started making their way to the shelves of your Friendly Local Game Store! Pick them up before the world ends! . . . read article

November 7, 2012:
With October over, it's time to turn our attention to November and the annual fun known as BoardGameGeekCon. Each year for the past five years I've rushed off to Dallas for a weekend of gaming, but this year, I'm not going to get to go . . . read article

November 8, 2012:
Sometimes life's a mixed bag. Sometimes art imitates life . . . read article

November 9, 2012:
I'm in the middle of a very conventiony 10 days. Convolution was a blast (full report later) . . . read article

November 10, 2012:
We had a great time at SPIEL 2012, where MIBs from eight nations gathered to rock the show and the Steve Jackson Games booth . . . read article

November 11, 2012:
You know that moment in the sci-fi flick where the heroes find the jet-black alien pod and there's a bright blue crack of light as it slowly opens to reveal its mysterious contents? We managed to capture that riveting experience with our new Munchkin Jumbo d6s in black with light blue ink! . . . read article

November 12, 2012:
Are you looking to build a cute robotic helpmate to tidy up around the house? Or perhaps an unstoppable android army bent on global dominion? . . . read article

November 13, 2012:
On November 8, we did our first Munchkin chat on Google+ Hangouts on Air, after several reports that it was all the rage and all the hip kids were doing it. It went fairly well . . . read article

November 14, 2012:
Your friendly MIB Control (me!) and the Ogre line editor, Daniel, gave an interview at SPIEL to the nice folks from DORP TV, which can now be found at the DORP TV site and on YouTube. The first part is in German, and deals with recent releases from Steve Jackson Games . . . read article

November 15, 2012:
Our new Dino Hunt Dice game is scheduled for release in January . . . but through the magic of successful schedule manipulation and trickery we have arranged the game's shipment so that a small number of copies will reach us next week, which means we should be shipping the game to distributors at the end of the month. How does this affect you? Dino Hunt Dice will be in (some) stores before Christmas! . . . read article

November 16, 2012:
Well, at least for a little while. Zombie Dice continues to blow off store shelves, and the most recent shipment of 20,000 games came and went in a single day! We're not expecting to receive any more copies of Zombie Dice until the spring, so if you're wanting to grab a copy for you or your friends I suggest searching stores ASAP . . . read article

November 17, 2012:
One awesome thing about being so geeky that I run a blog devoted to toys is that I get to see some really wild stuff. And one of the wilder bits of fun recently has to be the custom Beast Saga toys posted at livedoor.jp. Beast Saga, for those of you who don't follow the toy industry, is Japanese toymaker Takara's re-imagining of the old Battle Beasts toys (see Wikipedia if you're not a child of the eighties) . . . read article

November 18, 2012:
Have you ever wondered what the offspring of Penny Arcade and our very own Munchkin would look like? We asked ourselves this question many a time, and apparently so did “Gabe” and “Tycho” over at Penny Arcade . . . read article

November 19, 2012:
If the world's not big enough for your sense of excitement, the latest installment of Pyramid is happy to help. With Pyramid #3/49: World-Hopping, you'll be expanding your travel possibilities in a big way . . . read article

November 20, 2012:
What's more Metäl than a game of Cthulhu cultists cursing each other and stealing sanity? What if the dice were also made of metal -- REAL METAL? . . . read article

November 21, 2012:
Ah, Thanksgiving. The calm (ish) prelude to the craziness that is Black Friday . . . read article

November 22, 2012:
This is just a reminder that the office is completely closed today and tomorrow for Thanksgiving! We wish you a great holiday and hope that you'll be spending the evening with family and/or friends, eating the soporific foods of your choice . . . read article

November 23, 2012:
Say you're a geek. (Big stretch, I know.) . . . read article

November 24, 2012:
According to the Mayans, the end of the world is nigh. At least there will be enough time to play Munchkin Apocalypse! . . . read article

November 25, 2012:
Tomorrow is the first anniversary of the launch of everyone's favorite nuclear-powered Mars rover -- Curiosity! A year ago today, Curiosity rocketed out of Cape Canaveral, FL on its way to explore the Red Planet . . . read article

November 26, 2012:
What better way to begin the holiday-shopping season than filling up your cargo compartment with as much stuff as you can? In that spirit, we present GURPS Traveller Classic: Far Trader, newly released to e23 . . . read article

November 27, 2012:
Here are three that caught my attention. Rise of the Cult of Nagfa: A modestly-sized project to create a Pathfinder adventure. It hit its $750 goal (I told you it was modest) before I even saw it . . . read article

November 28, 2012:
A lot of you like to express your fandom of our games by wearing stuff, and we think that's awesome. But not all of our wearables are necessarily appropriate for all settings -- that hot pink Chibithulhu T-shirt isn't exactly going to get rave reviews at that next business casual dinner, at the country club, or when you finally get to meet the parents . . . read article

November 29, 2012:
Earlier this year Bully Pulpit Games ran a Kickstarter project for the Durance roleplaying game. A storytelling game with a lot of emphasis on abusing the characters, Durance sits the players down to create a sci-fi prison colony, populate the colony, and then drive the action to run the characters through every single wringer imaginable . . . read article

November 30, 2012:
We like pyramids here. This shouldn't surprise anyone . . . read article

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