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November 20, 2012: Cthulhu Dice Gets Metšl!

[Image]What's more Metäl than a game of Cthulhu cultists cursing each other and stealing sanity? What if the dice were also made of metal -- REAL METAL?

Well, Brother, that's just what we did! Now playing Cthulhu Dice is more extreme than a mosh-pit full of giant fire-breathing scorpions! When you Curse someone it will feel like you just unleashed a pack of rabid infernal timberwolves on their village! And if Cthulhu wins, the last thing you will see in your feeble mind is The Old One playing a three-necked flaming electric guitar with His tentacles, atop a spire of the bones of His vanquished enemies!

Cthulhu Dice Metäl is availabale in three menacing models of metallic mayhem: Bronze, Pewter, and Nickel. You can find them at Warehouse 23 or at your Friendly Local Game Store.

And yes, like all things truly Metäl, they're heavy.

-- Andreas Stein

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