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November 20, 2016: Crowdfunding Focus: Wizards Of The Tabletop

Crowdfunding Focus

Before I worked in the boardgame industry, games were a big part of my life. But despite being an avid gamer, I couldn't put a face to even my favorite designers. That's just not fair! These creators provided hours of enjoyment. I mean, I know what Steven Spielberg looks like, and I know what Neil Gaiman looks like, so why were these tabletop designers so enigmatic?

Well, times have changed. With thousands of games releasing a year, tabletop and boardgame designers have become minor celebrities in our geeky circles. Today's Crowdfunding Focus isn't a game, but a book that canonizes members of the boardgame community in picture. Wizards of the Tabletop, by Douglas Morse, is a collage of these creators, including our very own Steve Jackson. It captures moments in time and, more important, gives a face to the legion of awesome people we share our hobby with. (Douglas Morse also helped create The Next Great American Game, a documentary that Steve also played a part in.)

The campaign ends in about three weeks, so back Wizards of Tabletop soon, to get a candid look at some amazingly cool people in our hobby. 

-- Hunter Shelburne

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