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November 21, 2010: Special October Events Wrap-Up!

Munchkin Zombies at the Tribe event (Is it really the middle of November? Where has the month gone? Oh, well, this report may be a few weeks behind, but it's still relevant.)

October was a busy month for us, in terms of "going places and doing things." Five major events across the country . . . actually, across the world . . . were attended by staffers. Here's a quick wrap-up of each event!

At the top of the month was RinCon. Randy attended, and showed off Munchkin Zombies to the assembled masses. The MIBs ran a ton of games, and much fun was had by all. If you're in the Arizona area next year, it's a highly recommended stop!

That same weekend SJ acted as auctioneer for a Munchkin bookmark at the Alliance Open House in Fort Wayne. Although this was technically a "trade show," don't imagine boring presentations -- everyone there may have been a professional, but they're all professionals and gamers. Jester's Playhouse won the bookmark, and their bid of $1,000 is benefiting ProLiteracy. (SJ adds: And I enjoyed myself a great deal, especially playing Zombie Dice with Steven Marsh, Nikki Vrtis, and their zombie-zapping offspring, four-year-old Sam!)

In the middle of the month, I hopped a plane with Will, Randy, and Jimmie, bound for Germany. We ran demos and checked out the new releases at Essen Spiel, one of the largest boardgame events in the world. Despite the jet lag, we all had a good time. Many thanks to all the Pegasus supporters, especially Marko and Danny, who provided translation services for our demos.

While we were at Essen, Andrew flew up to Canada to serve as the Gaming Guest of Honour at the Pure Speculation Festival. He gave a couple of panels, played a charity game of Munchkin Zombies, and ate more poutine than is strictly healthy. And the Texas boy got to see REAL LIVE SNOW! Andrew wants to thank everyone who made PureSpec such a fun time.

Finally, the last weekend of the month was our Munchkin Party Night / Anniversary Party at Tribe here in Austin. It was on Halloween, so we had a costume contest (and gave away a lot of plush Chibithulus). There was cake, really, and lots of game. One gaming group drove all the way from Pensicola Florida, just to play Munchkin Zombies!

Check out our Flickr page for photos -- at least, the photos we could show.

October was a great month, and each event was fantastic. But I'm glad it only happens once a year!

-- Paul Chapman

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