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October 4, 2015: More Zombies For Your Buck? It's A No-Brainer!

GURPS Zombies

GURPS Zombies: Day One

October is here . . . and with it comes a chill in the air! Get in the Halloween spirit by checking out the ultimate gaming guide for the restless dead: GURPS Zombies. But the spooky season is a time of surprises, so here's one for you: Pick up GURPS Zombies in October from Warehouse 23 and -- with coupon code GURPSZOMBIES2015 -- get a free PDF copy of GURPS Zombies: Day One!

Day One puts the pieces of Zombies together to present eight campaign frameworks for fighting (or fleeing) hordes of walking corpses. Battle against zombies in a fantasy apocalypse, protect humanity from the truth by being one of the "Men in Black" of Zeta Force, gain superpowers that will ultimately turn you into a zombie, or partake in one of the five other settings.

With a free copy of Day One for the worlds and GURPS Zombies (in hardcover or PDF) for the rules, Warehouse 23 has everything you need to build a campaign that will test and terrify your players. But hurry; this scary deal is only available in October, so use the coupon code above today!

-- Steven Marsh

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