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October 6, 2007: SJ Takes A Break

I've gone a long time with an average of one real vacation a decade. I love conventions, but they don't exactly count as relaxation. The last time I really got away, if I remember correctly, was an accident . . . I was visiting friends in the Midwest and got snowed in. The liquor cabinet was much depleted by the time things melted, and much mighty Starcraft was played. That wasn't a planned break, but it restored a couple of points of sanity, all the same.

This time, though, I was working on a report, I looked back at a couple of earlier reports, I thought about what I'd put in writing to Senior Staff about my productivity and my general mood and energy level . . . and I said "This employee needs some time off NOW." And since this employee happens to be me, I got him to listen.

So for the next few weeks, not only will I not be in the office much, but I won't have my nose to the grindstone at home. Some things will get done, but it will be "Work Lite" . . . things I just feel like doing at the moment, with no deadline.

So I may be just a little bit slow to answer e-mails and so on. We'll see if we can't get me back to merely manageably crazy before I get back to Munchkin Quest and Munchkin Booty.
-- Steve Jackson

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