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October 9, 2022: Steve Interviewed By Dieku Games

Garry Snow of Dieku Games sat down with Steve and talked shop in a great podcast interview that covered many bases, including The Fantasy Trip and GURPS, games like Munchkin and Car Wars, and much more. It's fascinating hearing about the early days of design in Steve's college days, zine editing, and how that led to game editing and development work. In addition, there are some fun easter eggs and what-ifs, such as what might have happened if Steve had been able to keep the rights to The Fantasy Trip throughout the years. It's a great listen for anyone, but if you're an aspiring game designer, it's really a must. Steve offers up a lot of insight into design, and Garry's focus on design leads into some great questions and topics for that audience. 

Check out the interview on YouTube, and keep an eye out for more interviews with Steve! 

-- Hunter Shelburne

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