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October 11, 2015: MIB Report: Halloween Comes Early With Munchkin The Nightmare Before Christmas

Munchkin The Nightmare Before Christmas

As soon as I saw the box, the magical score by Danny Elfman began to play in my head. I was humming "This is Halloween" as I opened each stack of cards. I am a The Nightmare Before Christmas fan. What USAopoly and Steve Jackson Games have created is a game that will excite Munchkin fans and The Nightmare Before Christmas fans alike. The game play is classic Munchkin backstabbing and race to level 10 but with singing, demons, and Sandy Claws thrown in for good measure!

If you are already a fan, too, you have several holiday-themed boosters around your house, Munchkin Naughty & Nice, Munchkin Tricky Treats, Munchkin Holidazed, and the rest! I mixed those in with Munchkin The Nightmare Before Christmas and it was so much fun! The best part of this game was laughing at the winks thrown to fans of the film. All my favorite characters are there and each one has abilities that match their personalities from the movie!

I highly recommend Munchkin The Nightmare Before Christmas!

-- Chelsea Surfus, MIB

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